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 Creative Ideas…… and Professional Implementation



The world of today is experiencing fast developments and rapid changes in telecom, technology, media, advertising and marketing means. There is an international trend towards integration, unification and formation of larger firms, in line with the concept of globalization.  An example for this is the extensive reformation of the telecommunication specialization, its concepts, techniques and various types of practices. This situation motivated companies, establishments and factories to give more attention to marketing communication for their products, which includes public relations, marketing, media and advertising, publishing and display techniques.

Supported by vast experiences, Oswah International for media works to develop and promote identities of companies and establishments as well as their cultures. Oswah International for media carries out field studies and surveys aiming to enhance the role of public relations, marketing and sales departments in order to keep pace and be in line with the recent international developments. In this regard, Oswah International for media offer services such as designing, preparing, producing variety of printed materials, as well as promotional programs that service to enhance the image of the organization, promote its products, develop professional skills and capabilities of the employees working in the public relation department, and to foster their loyalty for the department they serve. Also Oswah International for media offer the most recent and best service in the field of making designs, creative ideas for printed materials, advertising campaigns etc.

Oswah International for media profile (Who are we?)

Oswah International for media Establishment is a national and international firm that offers variety of services in the fields of media, advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations, distribution and publishing. It is also working in field such as marketing communication, production of printed materials, designing, printing and publishing. Its main branch is located in Riyadh, Oswah street, while other branches are located in Paris, Dubai, and Shariqa. In order to serve better its clients, Oswah International for media mobilizes all its resources, skills, expertise and international resources with profound understanding of the local Saudi culture.

 As Oswah International is merged with Cairn-Rujm, a French consultation business partner, so all its international business activities are usually done through them. Oswah International is provided with an integrated work team to carry out all business tasks required by its clients such as offering consultations in line with its strategies and to help them find their way to develop their performance procedures in order to maximize profit and build an outstanding image.

Our goal

To offer professional services through implementation of well studied plans and we work hard to reach a strategic objective:

To be success partners with our clients

 Our slogan: Creative Ideas….. and professional implementation

 Our values: Transparency, Honesty, Uprightness, Initiative and Discipline

Oswah International for media and marketing offer variety of services including the followings:-

   To evaluate the current status of the company and /or establishment and to offer the most suitable solution.

   Preparation of marketing plans for companies and/ or establishments in both the private and public sectors.

   Rebuilding identity of commercial and noncommercial companies, establishments and firms regardless of business type and field of specialization.

   To enhance communication marketing for companies and/ or establishments.

   Preparation and implementation of specialized training programs for employees working in the business of marketing and sales.

   Preparation and implementation of specialized training programs for employees working in different fields of information and public relations.

   Preparation and implementation of specialized training programs in the fields of designing, graphics and communication techniques used in media and public relations.

   Performing field studies, marketing communication researches and to provide consultations in media and marketing for companies and /or establishments in both the private and public sectors.

 Also Oswah International offers variety of service related to advertising, promotion and public relations including the followings:-

-          Designing slogans and suggesting accompanying theme song.

-          Designing catalogues and brochures.

-          Designing and printing annual reports, books and magazines.\

-          Designing and constructing environmental /signage.

-          Designing and implementing posters, printed materials and promotional prints.

-          Designing and printing stands and ROOL UP.

-          Designing and publishing news releases and specialized magazines.

-          Designing and printing calendars.

-          Professional photography.

-          Designing, printing and publishing books and publications.

-          Designing websites.

-          Designing, printing, wrapping and supplying promotional giveaways (plaques, medals, office sets, pens, mugs, hours etc.) for ministries, organizations, companies, establishments etc.  

-          Creation of slogans and corporate identity.

-          Designing, planning for and execution of integrated advertising campaigns including TV & Radio ads, press ads.

-          Designing and implementing outdoor advertisings.

-          Drafting messages of promotional campaigns and selecting the suitable media.  

-          Designing and implementing advertisings.

-          Evaluation of results and rectifying weak points.

-          Designing and printing car stickers.

-          Distribution of brochures and printed materials for companies and establishments.

-          Distribution of printed materials, newspapers and magazines inside commercial complexes.

-          Designing, printing and manufacturing DVD & CD.

Our major clients and business partners: