The company was founded in 1984 and is part of the Kridis family business. It has been in the business for several years.

Since then, we have shared over hundreds of real estate projects with sister company SAADCO Est.

With many current investments through out the GCC region and focusing on Saudi Arabia. OSWAH has placed a firm grip on several different businesses.
Current investments aside, we aim to see what possible future gains can be brought to our attention for the benefit of both businesses in the region.


The company is heading to the future with a wider point of view supported by a well-organized Business Agenda to seize business opportunitiesw that becoming more available in the Saudi market today for holding a higher market share. For achieving these goals, the company entered in strategic partnerships with well-known and economically efficient partners like Kaya Skin Clinic, The Canadian Property Management Training Association, The Management and Real Estate Academy in Dubai, Yafaa International Co. Ltd., SaKr Almajd International Co. Ltd. in Saudi Arabia

We are well established group that is managed through several companies, one of which is personally owned (Oswah). The others are through partnerships, and we are always ready to grow and to cooperate and work for more partnerships and products.

Originally a simple single self-owned company with a narrow business scope in real estate and general trade, we've managed to evolve dramatically in the last 5 years. Growing into several companies based on partnerships and a diversification of business, some of which include skincare, mining, and real estate development.

Several of our partnerships are flourishing and growing in less than 5 years time.
Skincare demand has risen dramatically and as a result has increased reveneue for OSWAH through its partnerships.

Mining is a key sucess to the group, and through the incremental need of non-traditional minerals (such as Chromite, Wellistonite, etc.) we have managed to stay ahead of the competition.

Saudi Arabia has always been a flourishing business oriented country when it came to real estate and there is no time like the present, the high demand on real estate development in Saudi Arabia is a great additional bonus to the group.

We are a group that you can believe in. Our projects and our partnerships are here and can be seen and experienced right now. We have executed and completed our works and have started to earn revenue through them. In this short period of time you can see through our partners and services pages to see what we actually have in the current market. And there is always more room to grow!